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Updating pdf file

The Jenkins CLI allows a command line user or automation tool to download a plugin and its dependencies. [-deploy] [-name VAL] [-restart] Installs a plugin either from a file, an URL, or from update center.SOURCE : If this points to a local file, that file will be installed.From there, Jenkins will automatically determine which plugins are safe to uninstall, those which are not dependencies of other plugins, and present a button for doing so.Uninstalling a plugin does not remove the configuration that the plugin may have created.

The Update Center is a service operated by the Jenkins project which provides an inventory of open source plugins which have been developed and maintained by various members of the Jenkins community.This provides a number of benefits such as reducing memory overhead at boot or runtime, reducing configuration options in the web UI, and removing the potential for future conflicts with new plugin updates.The simplest way to uninstall a plugin is to navigate to the Installed tab on the Manage Plugins page.-deploy : Deploy plugins right away without postponing them until the reboot.-name VAL : If specified, the plugin will be installed as this short name (whereas normally the name is inferred from the source name automatically).

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