Thaao penghlis dating leann hunley

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Just when it seems that Andre and Kate Roberts Di Mera (Lauren Koslow) might become a real couple, the reformed villain goes back to his old ways.He comes up with a scheme that could end “Kandre” forever.They were on the hunt for Stefano Di Mera (formerly Joseph Mascolo) in order to free Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) from prison. This eliminated the chance of him going to prison for any of his crimes.However, there was enough evidence that he wasn’t dead so Hope could be cleared of murder.

According to the latest issue of spoilers tease 2018 is going to be a shocking year in Salem.

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Look forward to seeing Leann Hunley reprising the role of Anna Di Mera.

Names: John "Roman Brady" Black and Diana Colville Portrayed By: Drake Hogestyn and Genie Francis Duration: 1986-1988 Current Status: Broken up Interlopers: Victor Kiriakis, Cal Winters Children Together: None Names: Victor Kiriakis and Vivian Alamain Portrayed By: John Aniston and Louise Sorel Duration: 1992-1998, 2010 Current Status: Divorced Interlopers: Kate Roberts, Maggie Horton Children Together: None (though Vivian would tell you they had Philip) Names: Stefano Di Mera and Francesca "Celeste" Perrault Portrayed By: Joseph Mascolo and Tanya Boyd Duration: Mainly offscreen, though they were a duo throughout most of the 1990s Current Status: Broken up Interlopers: None, really - they were broken up before we met them Children Together: Lexie Carver Names: Michael William "Mike" Horton Jr.

and Margo Anderman Portrayed By: Wesley Eure and Suzanne Zenor Duration: 1977-1980 Current Status: Marriage dissolved by Margo's death Interlopers: None, really - their issues were more loan shark and leukemia related Children Together: None Names: Eric Roman Brady II and Nicole Walker Portrayed By: Jensen Ackles and Arianne Zucker Duration: 1998-2000 Current Status: Broken up Interlopers: Greta von Amberg, Lucas Roberts, Taylor Raines Children Together: None Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker as Eric Brady and Nicole Walker Names: Brandon Walker and Samantha Gene "Sami" Brady Portrayed By: Matt Cedeno and Alison Sweeney Duration: 1999 - 2003, 2005 Current Status: Divorced Interlopers: Lexie Carver, Jennifer Horton, Austin Reed, Angela Moroni Children Together: None Names: Count Antony "Tony" Di Mera and Renee Du Monde Portrayed By: Thaao Penghlis and Philece Sampler Duration: 1981-1983 Current Status: Broken up at the time of Renee's death Interlopers: David Banning, Anna Fredericks Children Together: None Names: John Black and Kristen Blake Di Mera Portrayed By: Drake Hogestyn and Eileen Davidson Duration: 1993-1998 Current Status: Broken up Interlopers: Andre Di Mera, Marlena Evans Children Together: None Names: Lawrence James Alamain and Katerina "Carly Manning" von Leuschner Portrayed By: Michael Sabatino and Crystal Chappell Duration: 1990-1993, very very briefly in 2009.

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