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But the orbits of the most distant of these TNOs - those with 250 times further from the sun than Earth - all point in the same direction.Astronomers claim that this is explained by the gravitational pull of a ninth planet in our solar system that orbits 20 times farther from our sun than Neptune.

On , Bauer Media announced that the output of Planet Rock would become available on FM in the West Midlands on the frequency used by Kerrang! All programming will come from London with the Birmingham studios closing and Kerrang!

Scientists have long debated whether or not a mysterious ninth planet lurks at the edge of our solar system.

Some astronomers think the existence of the alleged planet - which they claim is 10 times the size of Earth - explains the bizarre way some distant objects in space move.

According to a statement by former presenter Fish, this was not due to the profitability of Planet Rock itself, which had been reported to be good, but rather to GCap's overall financial state.

The station's relative popularity on digital radio brought controversy to the closure threat.

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Researchers are now using the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii in the hopes of finding Planet Nine, and hope that its detection will also shed light on its origin.

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