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You stand out in the room and a guy walks out who looks a little bit like you, and you’re like, “I’m in the right room, I guess.” And then, they call you in. I put an audition down in Sydney, which is a bit of a gamble. You’ve read the script and you take a bit of a punt on what they want.

So, I want to be a part of all different kinds of movies, subsequently. It’s such a freedom from reality and social constructions.

We were staying near the French Quarter, and Michael was living in the middle of it. It was so romantic, but there were bunch of grips standing around, smoking cigarettes, which is really unromantic.

We’d walk through the French Quarter to Michael’s place for rehearsals and back, every day. It was really funny for me because he’s really bashful and shy and unsure.

When the idea of a Point Break remake was brought to you, and that you’d be playing a character that’s so identifiable with Keanu Reeves, did you wonder whether you should even consider it?

BRACEY: I’m the world’s biggest fan of the original Point Break, and so there was not necessarily initial apprehension, but the idea of, “Well, if someone is gonna screw it up, it might as well be me.” I love the movie so much that I knew I was gonna give it everything I’ve got. It’s taking everything that was so great about the original movie and bringing it to 2015, and giving it to the world, more importantly.

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In their hometown for the funeral of their beloved friend, they are suddenly forced to face the love that they’ve never forgotten, as well as the life that got in their way.

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