Generation y and dating

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Generation y and dating

To the casual observer, casual sex may seem like the ultimate end game for many of the 64 million Millennials on the make who use dating apps or websites in search of Mister or Miss Right Now.

For Millennials, digital media has both facilitated and complicated communications for those looking to make a love connection.When it comes to dating and love, Millennials often (undeservedly) get a bad rap from the olds for not being serious enough about their romantic pursuits.Thanks to technology and the proliferation of nearly 4,000 dating services coupled with many Gen Y singles’ active participation in the dating game, Millennials have been broadly saddled with the decidedly unromantic conceit of Netflix & Chill, a new name for the age-old pastime formerly known as the no-strings-attached hook up.The communication tools and lingo might have changed, but love remains the same, amirite?Twins Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, share their top nine rules for millennial dating.

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I wanted to develop a friendship with someone before I dated them. Of all the lessons online dating has taught me, the most unignorable truth is that I don’t make a very good impression in two hours. You need to see how I am, see how I interact with people other than you. First dates, if they result from online dating, are not dates.