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They’re just enjoying it for their own personal participation.People felt as though too much of the organization’s focus and resources were allocated to elite development and not in making the everyday sport good, and also getting more people in it — more kids and more people drawn into it.

The vast majority are participating in the sport for their personal enjoyment, without aspirations of wining the Tour de France or going to the Olympics.

Anybody who’s doping today knows full well they’re a cheater and they’re stealing from others. We know it exists — we still have athletes testing positive. For those we catch there are others who are not caught.

That clarity is part of what’s making so many fewer people do it. So it’s still a problem, but it’s a much smaller problem, and it’s not an endemic, rampant problem.

In the old days, it was asking an awful lot of a young athlete to go into that environment of doping and resist doing it, and we know that was asking a lot because few people were able to resist it. Anyone engaging in doping today knows full well what they are doing. There are opportunities for clean athletes to succeed that didn’t exist in the past. You don’t cease being alcoholic — it’s something you fight with every single day.

We know there are clean athletes succeeding at the highest level, which is a change and is really good. And those of us who are responsible for managing the sport, and have a role to play in antidoping, need to fight it every single day.

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