Chengdu casual dating

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Chengdu casual dating

It looks a lot like the i Phone 7, which most people consider attractive enough, and outshines the Pixel, but lacks the wow factor of the S8, which sits right at the top of the tree.However, where it has the edge over the S8 is usability.

After drop tests, it was described as “extremely susceptible to cracking when dropped from any angle”, with the back panel particularly prone to shattering.

The best smartphone you might never have heard of before has just launched.

The One Plus 5 is a direct rival to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, as well as the i Phone 7 and Google Pixel, yet costs significantly less than each of them.

The best of these is Reading Mode, which sucks the colour from the screen and filters out blue light, replicating an e-reader.

Expanded Screenshots lets you easily screenshot a full-length page, Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode lets you game without being interrupted by notifications and Secure Box lets you store private documents, pictures and videos in a password-protected folder.

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If you’re in the market for a new handset, here’s why you should consider the One Plus 5 over the S8.

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